Книги по орнаменту (на английском)

Издательство Dover было основано в 1941 году, и с тех пор выпускает удивительные книги по невероятным ценам.

Удивительно, но эти книги есть в продаже в России! В Лабиринте в отдельном разделе. Книги действительно уникальны, далеко не все переведены, и не все будут переведены. Что касается орнамента - профессионалы смогут осилить и в оригинале.

Викторианский орнамент, японский и китайский орнамент, сборники орнаментов разных исторических эпох, и т.п.

Дальше перечислю только некоторые книги из этого раздела, которые касаются орнаментов (в магазине их гораздо больше):

"Victorian Foliage Designs"

Magnificent collection of rare illustrations, selected from Victorian artist's superb stylebook, depicts 300 black-and-white foliage designs. Based on painted motifs found in woven textiles, woodcarvings, iron and stonework, the lovely images depict leaves from oak, maple, poppy, ivy, ferns, and thistle, as well as designs incorporating fruits, flowers, and animals.

"1500 Chinese Design Motifs"

These crisp, black-and-white images will lend a distinctive Far Eastern accent to any project. Geometrics, abstracts, and other intriguing configurations adapt easily for use as spot illustrations and other applications. Professional and amateur artists, illustrators, and designers will find this inexpensive treasury a priceless source of royalty-free inspiration.

Аннотация к книге "Victorian Decorative Borders and Designs"

More than 160 exquisitely rendered color illustrations include decorative borders and panels in a variety of styles: Byzantine, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIV, and more. Stunning corner pieces and ornaments are also featured in this pictorial collection of architectural design. A delight for art enthusiasts and an inspiration for craft projects!

"Ancient Egyptian Ornament in Full Color: 350 Patterns and Designs"

This magnificent reproduction of two rare French design collections of the early twentieth century encompasses everything a graphic artist could wish for in ancient Egyptian decor. All the classic elements are included: funerary art, costumed figures with exotic headdresses, charioteers, religious iconography, elaborately embellished vases, magnificent sailing ships, and many exquisite patterns from interior and exterior architectural ornamentation.

"Full Color Japanese Designs and Motifs"

Dragons, tigers, cranes, peacocks, and peonies abound in this dazzling collection of popular Japanese motifs. So do other designs featuring flowers, plants, and animals. Geometric, abstract, and allover patterns are also included. More than 130 authentic illustrations serve as a wonderful source of inspiration for original design work.

"Art Deco Decorative Patterns in Full Color"

Sensuous, bold, and exotic motifs, reprinted from a rare 1910 portfolio, depict a wealth of arresting Art Deco wallpaper patterns. The 160 striking images display a breathtaking array of florals, geometrics, and abstracts, all stunning in their presentation and elegant in their simplicity.

"Pictorial Encyclopedia of Historic Ornament. 100 Plates, Including 75 in Full Color"

This dazzling collection of more than 1,500 illustrations--most in full color--is one of the great anthologies of historic ornament and design, on a par with Owen Jones's Grammar of Ornament and Racinet's Historic Ornament. A veritable treasure chest of permission-free images, arranged chronologically, the designs range from Roman architecture and sculpture, Byzantine embroidery, and illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages; to Italian glass painting, pottery, and French tapestries from the Renaissance; and mosaic floors, painted plasterwork, and metal ornaments from later periods. An extraordinary sourcebook for artists, art students, and commercial designers, this compendium of decorative motifs will appeal as well to hobbyists and lovers of fine art. Over 1,500 color and black-and-white illustrations.

"Full-Color Tresaury of historic ornament"

Chosen from among thousands of images in a massive three-volume set, this treasury offers the best and most beautiful ornaments from prehistory to the early nineteenth century. Conveniently arranged by period - Egyptian, Islamic, Baroque, Victorian, and ther eras - these sumptuous designs feature brief identifying captions.

Даже РУССКИЙ орнамент есть.

"Medieval Russian Ornament in Full Color"

This beautiful book illustrates the splendid ornamental lettering and decorative art in illuminated Russian manuscripts dating from the 10th through the 16th centuries. It contains over 1000 motifs reprinted in full color from a rare book of design first published in France in 1870. Among the designs are richly embellished letters from the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets, elaborate manuscript page heads and ornate corners and borders. Many of the designs incorporate mythological creatures, religious iconography and design elements deeply rooted in early Slavic and Byzantine cultures. There is a strong Celtic flavor as well. On page after page, the distinctive motifs in this collection reflect the unique heritage of Russian design, a rich amalgam of East and West. Students of graphic design and the decorative arts will find the book an invaluable reference. Graphic artists will find these rare, copyright free examples of medieval ornament, which lend themselves to color copying,...

"Art Deco Design Fantasies"

Derived from a rare French publication of the 1920s, "Fantasies Oceanographiques", these beguiling images pulse with the flowing grace of aquatic life. The 30 full-color plates feature 56 abstract and figurative patterns in authentic Art Deco style. Whether simply browsed for pleasure or as a source of ideas for design or decorative projects, these playful images of marine plants and animals offer a wealth of inspiration.