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Информация от поставщика для оптовых покупателей и заказчиков - пряжа Lotus. Шерсть, кашемир, шёлк, ангора, шерсть яка, верблюжья шерсть, разные цвета и варианты состава пряжи.

Lotus Yarns. We specializes in spinning the highest quality natural weaving and hand knitting yarns, such as cashmere, silk, yak, camel, angora from 1nm-120nm. We also provide silk, cashmere, yak and camel fibre and top.

We stock the following Handkniting yarns:

Pure cashmere (чистый кашемир) 2,4,6,8,12 ply.

Silky cashmere (шёлковый кашемир) 2,4,6,8 ply.

Tibetan yak in fingering and worsted (тибетский як).

Cotton/cashmere belend in d.k weight (хлопок/кашемир).

Mink yarns.

Weaving yarn:

100% Cashmere 26nm/2 in 105 colors

100%cashmere 48nm/2 in 45 colors

55% Silk/45% Cashmere 28nm/2 in 45 colors

70% Wool / 30% Cashmere 26nm/2 in 72 colors

85% Cotton/ 15% Cashmere 48nm/2 in 15 colors

85% Silk/ 15% Cashmere 60nm/2 in 15 colors

Wool/soy belended in 1/1.5nm.

Контакты (как заказать):

Xingtai Lotus Cashmere Co., ltd
77 Zhonghua West Street Xingtai .Hebei.China 054000


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