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Salt Crystal Products. Dada's Corporation

На сайт пришло письмо от производителя и поставщика соляных товаров. Пакистан. Публикуем информацию - для оптовиков и представителей в России. Контакты указаны в конце, вы можете написать автору письма, производителю. Можно писать на русском языке.

Гималайская соль и другие виды соли.

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We are “ DADA’S CORPORATION “ are establish in 2011. We are leading manufacturer of Salt Crystal Products. Manufacturing of Himalayan Salt products is our only business, and we can proudly say that we are good at it. We are blessed with the best talent Pakistan has to offer. We have adopted a number of quality assurance steps to provide our customers with the best products, which are delivered in a timely manner .The salt is normally white, pink & red which contains up to 84 minerals. The Himalayan rock salt is the best salt in the world and an excellent source. We are successfully exporting our products to RUSSIA, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Korea and Spain. Highly Quality, timely Delivery, Low Profit and innovation are prime objectives of our company.

ВИДЫ ПРОДУКЦИИ. Our major products are: Sea Salt, Raw Salt, Industrial Salt, Edible Salt, Black Salt, Rock Salt, Rock Salt Lamps, and allied products. 

We provide you our best services. At Quality and best services we believe. 

I am very good Russian Language speaking. I complete my study from Moscow in 2004. (Moscow State Textile University).

From any question please feel free with me.
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Abid Hussain Malik
Dada's Corporation
Exporters Of: Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Industrial Salt, Edible Salt, Raw Salt.

Tel: +92-334-0007158 / +92-302-8426667
Skype: Dadas.Corporation